Peanuts can be direct seeded into the garden after danger of frost or for shorter growing seasons started in the greenhouse several weeks before last frost. Although it is best to remove the peanut seeds from the hulls, it is not necessary. Plant the seeds about 1 inch deep in warm (above 60 degrees), loose, well-drained soil that has significant sunlight. Do not use nitrogen fertilizer. Plant seeds 6 to 12 inches apart but thinning the final stand to 12 inches. Cultivate loose soil around base of plant when flowers first emerge. The peanut plant sends out a vegetative “peg” which protrudes into the soil where the nut forms. Harvest the entire plant by digging or pulling when the leaves have yellowed. Remove excess soil by shaking and hang the entire plant upside down in a cool environment suitable for drying. When adequately dried, the shells can be pulled free of the pods and used or stored for future use.

COOK IT! A Peanut Recipe HERE 

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Fastigiata Pin Striped Peanut from Ecuador - Arachis Hypogaea

Fastigiata Pin Striped Peanut from Ecuador - Arachis Hypogaea JS182

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Negrito Manduvi Peanut

Negrito Manduvi Peanut PE103

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Schronce's Deep Black Peanut

Schronce's Deep Black Peanut PE101

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Tennessee Red Peanut

Tennessee Red Peanut PE102

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White Spanish Pearl

White Spanish Pearl PE104

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