Singara Rat's Tail Radish

93% of 100
Amazing bean-like pods! A delicacy in India, this radish does not produce an edible root, but a delicious, bean-like seed pod. The rat’s tail radish caused a sensation when introduced to the 1866 International Horticultural Expedition in London; wild claims of pods that can grow 3 inches a day and up to 4 feet in length astounded visitors. When discovered that the pods grow to just a few inches long, the rat’s tail radish’s 15 minutes of fame was mostly over. We are proud to introduce a truly unique rat’s tail variety from India that may be able to live up to the wild legend. These pods grew to over 14 inches in length at our Missouri trial gardens this year! Perfect for beginner or market gardeners; very heat tolerant and an extremely generous producer.
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Minimum Seed Count: 200
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