(Brassica napus) Cabbage relative grown for its roots, which are similar to turnips but larger, sweeter and milder. Requires a longer season, 90-120 days, but can tolerate cool temperatures as it matures, and is at its best harvested in late autumn. Sow about 90 days prior to expected fall frost, in rich, deeply worked soil of average fertility. Thin to about 8-12 inches apart, control weeds and keep moist. The leaves of some varieties make passable greens when harvested young.

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American Purple Top Rutabaga

American Purple Top Rutabaga RT101

(B. napus) Very tasty, mild, and sweet; great cooked or raw. Bright yellow... Read More
Champion Purple Top (Best of All) Rutabaga

Champion Purple Top (Best of All) Rutabaga RT109

(AKA Best of All) 80 days. Large, smooth roots are pale ivory with purple... Read More
Navone Yellow Cabbage Turnip

Navone Yellow Cabbage Turnip RT111

Also known as rutabaga or Swedish turnip, this root crop is a delicious... Read More
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