(Sorghum bicolor) Sorghum is one of Africa’s greatest contributions to the world’s agricultural diversity, and is a traditional crop in the South. Adaptable and drought tolerant, sorghum varieties exist that provide grain, sweet syrup, animal fodder, or sometimes, more than one crop from a single planting! The main requirement for sorghum is heat—plant the seeds about ½” deep a couple of weeks after spring frosts are over and soil is really warm. Ordinary garden soil and moisture are sufficient to get a crop, although sorghum may be more productive under better conditions. Seeds are ripe at about the same time as sugar content of the stalks reaches maximum.

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Broom Corn Multi-Color Sorghum

Broom Corn Multi-Color Sorghum SR102

The multi-colored tassels are so popular for fall decorations. Colors... Read More
Mennonite Sorghum

Mennonite Sorghum SR104

A Mennonite heirloom from Missouri. The tall canes are juiced and boiled... Read More
Red's Red Sweet Sorghum

Red's Red Sweet Sorghum SR103

This heirloom has been grown in northern Missouri for many years. More... Read More
Tarahumara Popping Sorghum

Tarahumara Popping Sorghum SR110

120 days. From the Tarahumara people of Northern Mexico’s Batopilas Canyon... Read More
Tennessee Tall Sorghum

Tennessee Tall Sorghum SR123

Syrup sorghum that originated in Tennessee. Our seed comes to us by way... Read More
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