Thai Varieties

Thai Varieties
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Basil - Thai Holy Kaprao

Basil - Thai Holy Kaprao HB142

A popular herb in Thai cuisine, the fragrant purplish- green leaves can... Read More
Basil - Thai Sweet

Basil - Thai Sweet HB166

Popular sweet, spicy basil that is essential in Thai cuisine. Very flavorful... Read More
Chinese Kale, Emperor

Chinese Kale, Emperor OR144

A tender, mildly spicy Chinese kale. These plants boast large, tender leaves... Read More
Chinese Kale, Oros

Chinese Kale, Oros OR143

Compact, upright plants are quick growing and taste delicious. The flavor... Read More
Chinese Kale, Yod Fah

Chinese Kale, Yod Fah OR132

A parent to broccolini, this tasty Chinese green is great for fresh eating... Read More
Chinese White Celery

Chinese White Celery CE111

A delicate and delicious white stalked Chinese variety. Asian celery... Read More
Hong Tae Pak Choy

Hong Tae Pak Choy OR149

Nice, compact plants are medium-sized and very tasty. The stalks are crisp... Read More

Lemongrass HB162

( Cymbopogon flexuosus ) The famous, tropical lemon-flavored... Read More
Pai Tsai-Chinese Cabbage

Pai Tsai-Chinese Cabbage OR145

A quick growing, non—heading Chinese cabbage, this variety is absolutely... Read More
Red Roselle

Red Roselle RS101

A super plant for making cranberryflavored bright red beverages, jelly, pie,... Read More
Thai Bottle Gourd

Thai Bottle Gourd ED101

Delicious and easy to grow, bottle-shaped gourds are great picked small,... Read More
Thai Burapa Pepper

Thai Burapa Pepper HPP127

Fiery little red, pointed peppers are popular in Thailand for flavoring... Read More
Thai Chao Praya Eggplant

Thai Chao Praya Eggplant EG166

Chao Praya is a Thai matti-gulla type eggplant that is vigorous and prolific.... Read More
Thai Kang Kob Pumpkin

Thai Kang Kob Pumpkin SQ204

(C. moschata) 110 days. A lovely sea green-colored squash that turns... Read More
Thai Lavender Frog Egg Eggplant

Thai Lavender Frog Egg Eggplant EG186

80 days. Collected by the Gettles in central Thailand, where the natives... Read More
Thai Long Green Eggplant

Thai Long Green Eggplant EG119

85 days. Very mild and sweet, the 10” to 12” long, very slender fruit are... Read More
Thai Pink Egg Tomato

Thai Pink Egg Tomato TK102

75 days. Delicious grape tomatoes from Thailand, “The Land of Smiles!”... Read More
Thai Purple Podded Yard Long

Thai Purple Podded Yard Long LG117

Vigorous, high-yielding Thai variety. The lovely, deep purple pods have... Read More
Thai Rai Kaw Tok Pumpkin

Thai Rai Kaw Tok Pumpkin SQ203

(C. moschata) 110 days. Green 8-lb fruits have tan spots on the rind.... Read More
Thai Red Chili Pepper

Thai Red Chili Pepper HPP107

90 days. The hot heirloom chili from Thailand, these peppers are used... Read More
Thai Soldier Long Bean

Thai Soldier Long Bean LG122

Vigorous bush habit for those who want to grow long beans but prefer not... Read More
Thai Yellow Egg Eggplant

Thai Yellow Egg Eggplant EG122

Famous in Thailand, the egg-sized fruit are picked when they are bright... Read More
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