Pink Tomato

(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) This crop, native to the Americas, has become the most popular garden crop over the last 200 years. We offer an amazing selection of many of the finest old varieties in lots of delicious colors! A few heirloom varieties have plants that don't get quite so large. Called "determinate" varieties, these get to a certain size and then set all their fruit more or less at once. Determinates may be a better choice where tomatoes are grown in a very small garden, or in containers. All varieties are believed to be 'indeterminate' (long vines), unless specified 'determinate' (short vines). The best tasting varieties tend to be indeterminate, as most of ours are unless otherwise noted.

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Bali Tomato

Bali Tomato TK147

An favorite from Indonesia. Flat, ribbed, 2-3-inch delicious fruit are... Read More
Brandywine Tomato

Brandywine Tomato TK115

80 days. The most popular heirloom vegetable! A favorite of many gardeners,... Read More
Brandywine Tomato - 1/8 oz

Brandywine Tomato - 1/8 oz TK115H

80 days. The most popular heirloom vegetable! A favorite of many gardeners,... Read More
Bread and Salt Tomato

Bread and Salt Tomato TK149

Determinate. Named for the long held tradition in Russia to give special... Read More
Daniels Tomato

Daniels Tomato TK110

Glowing pink tomatoes can grow to two pounds. They are definitely one of... Read More
Debbie's Pink Tomato

Debbie's Pink Tomato WW188

Debbie’s Pink is the product of a selective breeding program begun by Dr.... Read More

Dester TK170

75 days. A large pink beefsteak variety that reaches 1 to 1 1/2 pounds.... Read More
German Johnson Tomato

German Johnson Tomato TK117

80-90 days. Very large, 1 to 2-lb fruits are deep pink, very flavorful,... Read More
German Lunchbox Tomato

German Lunchbox Tomato TK129

70-80 days. This heirloom was brought into the seed store a few years... Read More
German Pink Tomato

German Pink Tomato TK173

85-90 days. One of the tomatoes that originally ignited the heirloom movement... Read More
Henderson's Pink Ponderosa Tomato

Henderson's Pink Ponderosa Tomato TK107

85 days. Huge size, some over 2 lbs; a meaty pink-red beefsteak introduced... Read More
Hungarian Heart Tomato

Hungarian Heart Tomato TK171

80 days. Brilliant reddish-pink oxheart type fruits are large—frequently... Read More
Mallorcan Winter Tomato

Mallorcan Winter Tomato WW135

This unusual tomato from the Spanish island of Mallorca is used almost... Read More
Millionaire Tomato

Millionaire Tomato TK143

80 days. Among the rugged people of the Ozark Mountains, rich flavor has... Read More
Missouri Pink Love Apple Tomato

Missouri Pink Love Apple Tomato TK128

Big, pink fruits are very rich-tasting, certainly a favorite pink tomato.... Read More
Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Mortgage Lifter Tomato TK120

85 days. Large, smooth, 1-lb pink fruits have a delicious, rich, sweet... Read More
Mortgage Lifter Tomato - 1/8 oz

Mortgage Lifter Tomato - 1/8 oz TK120H

85 days. Large, smooth, 1-lb pink fruits have a delicious, rich, sweet... Read More
Pink Accordion Tomato

Pink Accordion Tomato TK152

Truly unique, large pink fruits are ruffled like an accordion. Very attractive— one... Read More
Pink Boar Tomato

Pink Boar Tomato TX120

80 days. This 4 ounce gem is pinkish-wine colored with meltallic green... Read More
Pink Elephant Tomato

Pink Elephant Tomato TK168

80 days. Large, beautiful fruit are one of the most attractive varieties... Read More
Pink Oxheart Tomato

Pink Oxheart Tomato TK113

85 days. Beautiful big, oval, pointed fruit with a fine sweet old time... Read More
Pink Vernissage Tomato

Pink Vernissage Tomato TK169

Gorgeous salad tomatoes to about 2 oz. These beauties are pink with usually... Read More
Raspberry Lyanna Tomato

Raspberry Lyanna Tomato TK166

One of the best tomatoes, ever! Smooth fruit and huge production. Great... Read More
Rebekah Allen Tomato

Rebekah Allen Tomato TK175

70 days. The first tomato we harvested in our 2014 Missouri garden. This... Read More
Rosalita Tomato

Rosalita Tomato WWE253

Rosalita' is a fantastic pink grape tomato. Super sweet yet tangy little... Read More
Rose De Berne Tomato

Rose De Berne Tomato TK135

70-80 days. Beautiful, nicely-shaped 4-to 8-oz fruits are a rose-pink... Read More
Thai Pink Egg Tomato

Thai Pink Egg Tomato TK102

75 days. Delicious grape tomatoes from Thailand, “The Land of Smiles!”... Read More
The Dutchman Tomato

The Dutchman Tomato TK104

90 days. Introduced by the legendary Merlin W. Gleckler of Glecklers Seedsmen... Read More
Tlacalula Pink Tomato

Tlacalula Pink Tomato TK130

75-85 days. A unique tomato collected by a friend in Tlacolula, Mexico.... Read More
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