Roselle, IL, United States
January 2, 2018
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? Great taste

What are the cons? Short Kernels


Planted these Mid-May, spaced 6 inches apart in rows a foot apart in raised beds. Interplanted with pole beans. By late July and August, corn was well over the heads of everyone in my family, which is hard to beat my little brothers 6.2. My father even questioned whether or not it was field corn it was so high. Despite its height, the close spacing didn't seem to have any effect on it and they remained erect despite "normal" winds (not lusty gales though). The foliage was long and full. Produced a good amount of corn, about two-three per plant. Kernels had a good white juice to them and great sweet taste without being too sweet. Not as sweet as sweet corn is typically, but still had a great taste. The kernels are shorter than "normal" corn, which is fairly unnoticeable until bitting into, and also have farther slightly farther apart rows (Not as jam-packed as typical sweet corn). Kernels are undeniably white without a streak of yellow to them. All in all, I'll be growing these again.

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