Erie, PA, United States
January 4, 2017
Fun and tasty
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? taste, color, short

What are the cons? weak stalks


I've had pretty good success with these. In 2015 I tried companion planting these with runner beans and a mini acorn squash, and I had reasonable success. However, these aren't tall enough or sturdy enough to really support pole beans. I wound up tying the stalks in bundles so they could hold each other up. The stalks are spindly for me. Maybe it's because my soil is poor. But they produced multiple ears each and tasted great popped! Beautiful pure white popcorn. In 2016 I grew them in rows and had less success. Not great germination from the seeds I'd collected in 2015, stalks still spindly, and less production. Then I caught a skunk eating the lower ears! Still, they're great for a compact garden, so I'll do some research and try again in 2017. I'll have to buy seed.

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