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Sunrise Solo Papaya

(Carica papaya) By now it is common knowledge that papayas farmed on the Hawaiian Islands are not exactly the best for you. Most of the commercial Papayas raised in Hawaii are genetically modified to resist viral diseases that severely affect industrial papaya production. For papaya lovers that is bad news, the good news is that several “old fashioned” varieties still exist in Hawaii. Sunrise Solo is one of these great varieties. It was originally created in the early 1960’s by plant breeders trying to get small sized “ solo” papayas and the tastiness of much larger sweeter types. Sunrise is a great time tested variety. Recently it was confirmed that the seeds we offer are not contaminated by GMO genes… so you can plant these with confidence. Sunrise Solo fruits have reddish- orange flesh that is sweet and tasty- perfect for the home garden in warm sub-tropics. Pot culture is completely feasible in colder areas, Jere is raising papayas in his back porch greenhouse in Missouri! So with a big enough pot and some space and good light, anyone should be able to raise a their own papayas indoors!

This seed is brought to us by Botanical Explorer, Joseph Simcox: learn more here 


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