Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Yam

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A delicious old-fashioned sweet potato that has golden-red skin and moist, flavorful flesh that is bright orange in color. The short bush-like vines produce good sized “clusters” of these earthly jewels. Easy to dig and grows well in our gardens. This variety was common for about 75 years and the first known mention was in 1868, but in modern times it has disappeared. So we are happy to bring it back into circulation and back to America’s dinner tables. A tasty treat that is part of our country’s history, although it may have been introduced here from Brazil. Very rare and hard to find! Please consider these terms before ordering live plants: Most plants will be 3”-7” in height. All plants will ship prompt as available. Please make sure you are ready for your order in your zone as these young, tender plants generally have no resistance to cold.

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