Garden Berries

Auckland, UM
December 22, 2013
Great Fruit
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? great fruit when handled right

What are the cons? tree not long lived


Americans will insist on cooking this fruit - DON'T! It toughens when cooked although added to a pork casserole etc it is fine and the flavour (sweet /sharp) complements fatty meat). Truly the best way to treat tamarillos is to strip the skin (boiling water for a few seconds then cold water - as for tomatoes) slice into a bowl and sprinkle on some sugar (amount depends on the variety of tamarillo...trad ones need more than newer hybrids) Then LEAVE IT ALONE for a few hours or overnight. The fruit becomes tender and the flavour develops. THE BEST with vanilla ice cream or rice or sago pudding - its sweet/sharp flavour goes well with the blandness of grain or milky creamy desserts. It is very rich in Vitamin C so don't destroy that by cooking. In this state it freezes well and I would not be without a tamarillo in the garden. Neither would most NZers.

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