Temperate Yam (10 tubers)

(Dioscorea batatas) A phenomenally productive and hardy dioscorea yam from the cold mountains of Japan, Korea and China.  A perfect, easy to grow, perennial root crop for your food forest or homestead! This more cold hardy member of the dioscora family is typically hardy all the way down to USDA zone 5. The roots possess potent medicinal qualities and are a nutritious staple food crop, the vines also produce aerial tubers but those are not considered palatable. The edible roots will reach up to 1 pound in the first year and up to 4.5 pounds each if you leave them in the ground a second year. A temperate and tropical permaculture crop to add to your repertoire. This plant can express invasive qualities if left unchecked, especially in the eastern U.S. This long rooted crop thrives when planted in a deep raised bed with removable wooden sides, this will also help with invasiveness as the plant stays fairly tidy.

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