Winter Squash

November 3, 2012
rind is tasty
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I grew these in 2011, along with several other varieties. The one vine grew all over my driveway and produced about 5 squash; however, the squash bugs, which were so numerous they moved in gray waves across my lawn, eventually overwhelmed me. I destroyed all my plants, and took in the squash. Unfortunately, only one turned out to be ripe enough to eat. One of the larger squashes had so many bugs over it, I tossed it into the garden. This year (a wet year) I discovered a vine growing from that area. It eventually took over half my garden, producing 11 squashes. I again had to pull the squashes in (this time due to Hurricane Sandy.) The squashes are huge, just as last year, up to 30 pounds. They are a beautiful deep green lobed pumpkin. Both years I tasted one which had managed to turn tan. The rind was buttery, and the flesh somewhat soft. Surprisingly, the seeds produced true.

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