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It isn't every day that TheWall Street Journal sends a reporter to Mansfield, Missouri, to do a story.  It is probably even more unlikely that a New York based national business journal would be interested in something set out in the country on a gravel road a few miles from Mansfield.  That's why there was more than a little excitement at Baker Creek when we learned that Sarah Tilton would be making the trek to Baker Creek headquarters and Bakersville Pioneer Village to write about the Gettles and the heirloom seed business they have built on the homestead.   READ THE ARTICLE NOW
Being from San Francisco, Sarah had previously visited Baker Creek's subsidiary Seed Bank in Petaluma, California.  With a growing interest in what she saw there, she decided to schedule a trip to Missouri to learn more.  Arriving just in time for Baker Creek's 13th annual Spring Planting Festival that drew 6500 visitors, Ms. Tilton was in the midst of a flurry of activity.  She spent a few days visiting with the Gettles and staff, and photographing people, places and things at Bakersville.  The end result is this enticing article with beautiful photographs that create a synopsis of what the Gettles have created on a little homestead in the Ozarks. READ THE ARTICLE NOW

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Lisa Spivey
San Francsico, CA
5/24/2013 12:00:58 PM

  Great article!

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