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THIS YEAR WE ANNOUNCE the debut of our "Explorer's Series" brought to us by botanical explorer and world food plant ecologist Joseph Simcox. Joseph has spent decades traveling the globe, documenting and tasting thousands of edibles. He has traversed wildernesses with indigenous peoples, interviewed thousands of villagers and searched the markets from the Arctic to the tip of Africa. His passion is to bring little known foods to the table and preserve species and varieties that are in danger of extinction. The future of the preservation of domesticated plant varieties is dependent upon those plants being cultivated.

All over the world, the key moments and pastimes of daily life have been uprooted.Where people once produced their own food in poorer countries, many of them now struggle to get enough money to buy it—ironically this is called economic advancement. Whereas people once worked in their gardens for purpose and pastime, they now sit in front of


televisions or dream of owning an electronic gadget to use their time, rather than doing something “primitive” like gardening. All of these factors and more have contributed to an extraordinary loss of “domesticated” genetic material.

No one man is going to save the seeds of the world, but perhaps Joe and his network of friends and connections will be able to inspire others to reconsider the beauty of man’s complicated love affair with nature past.

The quest of Joseph Simcox is to bring these incredible resources for man’s future to light. Joseph has studied and eaten thousands of species of plants from around the world. “The future of mankind from a culinary standpoint is very exciting because there are so many amazing things to eat and enjoy.” One estimate
puts the number of edible fruit species alone at over 10,000!

We hope that you will share in the work of Joseph Simcox and make growing
the earth’s bounty a part of your life.

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