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Little Herb Farm
Winslow, AR, United States
April 22, 2016
Versatile Medicinal Plant
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Easy to grow

What are the cons? None


A fun plant with numerous uses! The seeds were simple to germinate in little pots sat on an oil heater in the house. Transplanted them outside in an a sunny area that was pretty neglected last summer and they grew like crazy! I tinctured the leaves and yellow flower buds in 100 proof vodka. It is antiviral, antibiotic, anti fungal, numbing and improves digestion. This has become our go-to tincture. We put it on insect bites & injuries full strength. Dilute the tincture with water and use as a mouth wash on sore gums, mouth sores, or gargle for sore throat. We take a teaspoon of tincture a few times per day if we feel like we are coming down with an illness. Sometimes I tincture it with some lemon balm and echinacea. The leaves can be put in salad. Take some of the buds to your next party or cookout. Lots of fun getting folks to pop a yellow bud in their mouth and chew! (They are also known as "Electric Buttons" and sold individually at Hipster Coffee Shops.)

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