Turmeric, Blue - 1 lb of tubers

Curcuma caesia - With its dazzling array of colors, from a blended yellow green all the way to a deep indigo, Blue Turmeric is a marvel of the natural world! It has properties similar to ginger, making it good for the stomach and for using dried as a spice. The flavor and strength of this rare variety could easily be double more the potency of standard turmeric or ginger. Its piney, menthol flavor infused into the traditional flavor notes of ginger makes for a truly unique combination. 

Turmeric is a tropical plant that needs a warm temperature of over 70 F and five frost-free months. Before planting, you can pre-sprout turmeric at room temperature or warmer for several months. Once sprouted a half inch, plant in a pot or outdoors when the soil temperature is over 65 F. 

It is also an incredibly sustainable plant with excellent growth potential, reaching heights/widths around 3-4 feet. When you receive your Blue Turmeric rhizomes, there are many ways to store them for future planting. Simply avoid areas with excess moisture and extreme temperatures. Some people store rhizomes in a crate in the garage or at room temperature. You can even plant your turmeric in a container with soil or coco coir and a little water to keep it dormant through the winter, or begin growing it inside for transplant later. Since Blue Turmeric is grown for its root, the faster you can establish your plant, the sooner you can expand your spice collection and garden! 

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