Celery & Celeriac

Blackwatr, MO
January 28, 2015
Much better than storebought
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 0.0

What are the pros? No pests,beautiful,great taste

What are the cons? None


Last season was my first garden adventure. I'd read that celery is difficult to grow, but I thought I'd try because I also read someone's review that said home grown is by far the best tasting. I thought I'd give it a try since I'm not a big celery fan, but I know home grown tomatoes are the only ones worth eating, and I thought maybe celery would be the same. I was right. No comparison. It grew very, very slowly, but had no pest problems and never seemed to suffer when other plants were flagging. I gave away lots, and was later sorry I didn't have more. I washed, chopped and froze what was left at the end of the season, adding it to winter soups for fantastic taste. Leaves and stems are a nice dark green and held color. Maybe I was successful because our summer was unusually mild last year, but I'm going to try it again and hope for even half the success. I grew both Utah Tall and Giant Red. The Giant Red was very pretty, but the stems were hollow and sort of papery.

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