Viola, Historic Florist Mix Pansy

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A throwback to the smaller antique pansies, with a lovely mix of shades from plum to to bronze with canary yellow centers. Tuck these tidy 8-inch tall beauties into beds, borders, containers and cottage gardens and don’t forget that the blooms are also edible!

    • 6-12 hours of Sun
    • Sprouts in 5-8 Days
    • Ideal Temperature: 62-68 Degrees F
    • Seed Depth: Surface Sow
    • Plant Spacing: 6"
    • Frost Hardy: Yes
    • Viola wittrockiana

Growing Tips: Perennial in zones 4-9. Start seeds indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost. Grow in full sun to partial shade. Best in cool conditions. Likes a cool, moist, woodsy soil. Occasionally self-sows.

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Minimum Seed Count: 100
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