Viola, Trumpets Mix Pansy

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Enjoy a rainbow of HUGE flowers! Annual. Enjoy a rainbow of HUGE flowers! A charming mix of bold tones from blue to plum, gold and tangerine, even including a splash of bicolored petals. This glorious potpourri of gem tones will enliven your beds, borders, flower pots, and even the dinner plate, as the petals are edible! Tidy and compact plants reach just 8-10 inches tall, making them a perfect choice for window boxes!

    • 6-12 hours of Sun
    • Sprouts in 4-7 Days
    • Ideal Temperature: 62-68 Degrees F
    • Seed Depth: Surface Sow
    • Plant Spacing: 6-9"
    • Frost Hardy: Yes
    • Viola x wittrockiana

Growing Tips: Start seeds indoors in very early spring (or late summer for fall blooms). Grow in full sun to partial shade. Likes cool, moist, woodsy soil, cool to cold temps. Occasionally self-sows.

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Minimum Seed Count: 40
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