hartville, OH, United States
February 19, 2019
favorite pepper
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? Flavors, Colors, Compact Size

What are the cons? Bland when immature.


I grew half the peppers in the catalog last year and this was my clear favorite. The flavor is excellent: sweet and aromatic, but you must wait until the peppers fully mature; they are very bland in immature stages. Wait until they are red and orange. I loved watching these peppers grow and their color change as they matured. They aren't just gorgeous in the purple stage they also turn yellow, orange, red with beautiful streaking and different color patterns when in between colors. I think they were also green after purple and before yellow but I can't remember clearly. Anyways the thick walled peppers give a decent amount of food for their small size and they were my favorite for snacking raw in the garden. These plants did not grow nearly as large as other peppers in my garden but were still productive and early producers in my Ohio garden. I will plant them much denser this year with as little as 8 inches between plants. The 18 inches I gave them last year was excessive.

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