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White Spanish Pearl
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White Spanish Pearl (1 oz seeds) (PE104) $3.50

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White Spanish Pearl

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Comparatively small shells each contain 1-2 good-sized "goobers." The kernels are wrapped in creamy-white wrappers, very stylish and presentable. Was apparently included in a donation to USDA in 1964 from Israel's National and University Institute of Agriculture, Rehovoth, which included peanuts from all over the world. (Peanut snacks have long been particularly popular in Israel.) An exceedingly rare variety. We are offering 1 oz packs. 1 oz of this variety has about 50 seeds.

Plant peanuts in the spring after danger of frost has passed into very well cultivated soil with a final spacing of about 12 inches. As plants emerge and begin to flower, cultivate soil around base of the plant to allow for easier penetration of the vegetative peg that protrudes down from the flower to the surface of the is at the tip of this peg that the peanut forms beneath the soil. Keep peanuts weeded and watered.

It takes about 120 to 140 days for crop to mature. As the plants begin to yellow in the fall, use a potato fork or a shovel to dig under the canopy of the plant being careful to not break the peanuts from the pod. Just test-dig a few plants to make sure that the crop is ready. When most of the pods are of full size and the seeds inside appear to be fully mature then it could be ready to dig the entire crop. Peanuts can be removed from the plant and washed at this time before drying or can be left on the plant for drying. Cure peanuts where they will be protected from rodents and out of direct sunlight where there is good air-flow.

Another great idea we have employed here at Baker Creek Seeds which has worked well for us is planting the seeds under mulch until the flowers emerge. Usually you should not mulch peanuts because the peg will not be able to penetrate into the soil. As soon as we see the first flowers forming pegs then we remove the mulch so as to allow the peg to reach the soil surface. This helps control weeds and moisture for about 1/3 of the growing season making for a much more successful crop with less effort.
White Spanish Pearl
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Brandon L.
Shepherdsville, KY, United States
March 10, 2018
Strong plants
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? Adaptable, easy to grow

What are the cons? Nothing


Despite a relatively wet summer and clay soil, they grew very well in my garden. Because of health issues I wasn't able to take as good care of them as I wanted to, but they did well and produced 6 to 12 shells per plant. Next season I plan on planting them in grow bags for easier care. Very tasty!

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