northeast, TX
May 2, 2013
just goes and goes
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 0.0

What are the pros? big producer, flavor is great!

What are the cons? NO dislikes


We grew these last year (2012) here in northeast TX. We have very hot temperatures...sometimes even 110 and very humid. We had to water throughout the summer, but these babies kept going until out first good frost around November sometime. We planted these in the Spring. Sometime before they started producing about 2/3rds of my plants (a decent size, so it wouldn't have been cutworms) just fell over and died. Something attacked them at the stem. So, we were left with 1/3rd of the original plants. I was very disappointed. However, these remaining plants took over that garden space. They filled where all the other plants were and in between all the row spaces. We called that part of the garden "the jungle". I didn't dare go in there without my tall rubberboots. We decided to save seeds from these plants. We got to eat quite a few meals, but we saved a whole quart of seed. This year (2013), we planted them in a huge garden over at a friend's.They're already well up in 5 days

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