Fruit and Berries

Chantilly, VA, United States
September 23, 2018
Fast grower tasty jam
Easy to Grow 4.5
EarlyMaturity 3.5

What are the pros? Easy to grow, surprising yield

What are the cons? Tasteless if eaten raw


I was very much impressed with the wonderberry. I had one sprout in early June and by mid July the plant was over 5 feet tall. It had full sun and therefore required lots of water. Still, I was very much surprised to see the size of the plant. At it's peak growth, it had to be growing about 1-1.5 inches a day. I grew it in a container and eventually moved it over the container I previously used for potatoes (2-2.5 ft diameter pot). Overall the plant had to have grown somewhere along the lines of 8 feet and sprouted out many stems. I haven't finished harvesting, but I would guess I will get somewhere along the order of 8 cups of berries from this single plant. Crazy yield! Berries do take some time to mature, make sure to wait until they're a deep purple and soft when squished (They can make you sick if you eat them green? Not sure on the severity). Off the plant they taste like like a slightly tart tomato (i.e. not very good). As jam though, it's close to grape but definitely unique.

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