Winter Squash

cullman, AL
January 21, 2014
very tasty long lasting
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? tasty, long keeper, versatile

What are the cons? none


These are wonderful in my 7b area. I picked in August, its now mid january and I still have nice fresh yokohama squashes. They are now a pretty orange color, and look like a pumpkin. This past summer everything in the garden was attached with tons of mildew due to excessive rain, but these kept right on growing and producing nice fat heavy squashes! They were a beautiful dark green color to begin with and to in fact change color when stored. But I assure you the taste sweet and slightly honeyed almost like a melon! And now 5 months later, they are STILL as every bit delicious as they day we picked them and cooked some. The vines spread a good bit, but the room they took up was very well worth it. I have made pies, chopped and roasted them with different herbs and seasonings, pureed them with butter and brown sugar, roasted them with just salt and butter. I have other recipes I will want to try them with. But these are a keeper. Nothing better than having fresh squash in winter!

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