Yurackallhua Incan Giant Corn

In the Urrabamba Valley and adjacent areas in Peru grows this monster corn, it is probably the largest race of corn on earth, a single kernel weighs in at a gram a piece.. 30 % larger than the next “biggest corn”! Yurracklallhua is a late maturing corn from the Andes, it probably will need at least 150 days to ripen, and may get skyscraper tall. If you succeed in growing this behemoth your corn will be the talk of the town. In Peru, the giant cobs are boiled the mealy chewy kernels are a delicacy, much heartier than any sweet corn ever was, but a real belly filler! The dried kernels are boiled for long periods and added to stews and soups. Joe recalls the joy of eating the boiled cobs, one was a meal, he bought one for each of his kids and they couldn’t finish a third of the cob!

This seed is brought to us by Botanical Explorer, Joseph Simcox: learn more here 


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