July 20, 2011
Bloomed the first year!
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

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Good Germination, I sprinkled them on soil and watered them in when day temps were around 70, in long narrow containers between brick wall of house and brick patio ( that should take care of the self seeding issue, I hope). They get bright filtered light most of the day, about 2 hours of direct hot sun. We had a sudden very hot,( heat index 100-105) very dry spring and summer, but they did fine, as long as I watered when soil went dry ( as container plants tend to do). Pinched off the short infestation of mealy bugs, with no problem. I like the colors, I found you can tip prune to get bushier plants. The trick now will be to overwinter in the containers, but I suspect I could treat them as a long lived annual till hard freeze. I will be buying more for areas where self seeding is not a problem. They seem to be pretty carefree.

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