Summer Squash

PORT CRANE, NY, United States
January 17, 2017
Amazing Vegetable
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 3.5

What are the pros? Vigorous

What are the cons? none


I am amazed at this vegetable. Give it a trellis or trellis it as you would greenhouse tomatoes up a string and prune it. It produces so much and for such a long period. When you have just too much squash to eat let them mature and bulk up. When they are young they are the best zucchini. When mature- I have still have two in the basement now that I let mature and harden up in the sun with the rest of my winter squash, they are in pristine condition and it is Jan. 16th. Practical Advice- mix in lots of compost to ground before transplanting and top dress with compost just as they are starting to produce. Also don't transplant they too early as they are heirlooms and not modern hybrids, they will grow plenty fast and catch up to the other summer crops.

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