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Sea Island Brown Cotton
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Sea Island Brown Cotton (20 seeds) (CT106) $5.00

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Sea Island Brown Cotton

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This cotton variety is native to the Americas and cultivated by the Incas at least as early as 1000AD. Found throughout the Caribbean region by the time of Columbus. Historically grown in Georgia, and especially by island planters, who jealously guarded their strains.

Ours appears to be a cross between the early white form and a brown type. Hibiscus-like flowers are white and rather showy. These are followed in time by beautiful mocha-colored, very long stapled cotton. The fibers are very fine and rather silky.

This variety was considered an improvement over other types, and is still regarded as an upscale type to this day. Unlike many cotton varieties, the seeds easily come free of the fibers, simplifying hand processing. Heat-loving, 5- to 6-foot plants require a very long season, even for cotton, but worthwhile and an exciting piece of history wherever it can be grown.

Sea Island Brown Cotton
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Birmingham, AL, United States
October 23, 2016
So fun and easy
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 0.0

What are the pros? everything

What are the cons? no complaints


This was my favorite crop in the garden this year. The sprouts were lovely and grew into tall, beautiful plants that didn't require a very wide spacing. They gave optimal shade to our basil in the summer months and both flourished beautifully. The flowers are exquisite and the bolls productive, out of twelve plants we got an entire basket of fibers which we will be spinning into yarn this winter. Initially we were going to use the fibers for quilt batting but they are so soft and lovely I cannot bear to encase them in something else. The only pests that got to them were stinkbugs very late in the season, they were easy to pick off and contain.

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