(Calendula officinalis) Hardy annual. Often self-sows.

Ball's Improved Orange - Calendula

Ball's Improved Orange - Calendula FL205

Pretty, double, 3-inch flowers are a deep orange color. They are great... Read More
Fiesta Gitana Calendula

Fiesta Gitana Calendula FL211

Hardy annual. Dwarf selection of an old favorite, with plants reaching... Read More
Geisha Girl - Calendula

Geisha Girl - Calendula FL203

The pretty blooms are deep orange, double, and have inward curved petals;... Read More
Indian Prince - Calendula

Indian Prince - Calendula FL207

This traditional variety had become very popular by the 1930's. Tall plants... Read More
Kabloona - Calendula

Kabloona - Calendula FL204

Lavish display of flowers in tones from cream to gold and yellow to orange,... Read More
Oopsy Daisy Calendula

Oopsy Daisy Calendula FL199

Unusually compact plants sport unusually gentle tones of orange, gold and... Read More
Orange King Calendula

Orange King Calendula FL208

Massive, double calendula flowers in a beautiful shade of brilliant orange... Read More
Orange Porcupine - Calendula

Orange Porcupine - Calendula FL202

A beautiful selection of the old "Radio" variety; this one has beautiful... Read More
Pacific Beauty Mix - Calendula

Pacific Beauty Mix - Calendula FL200

Lovely flowers up to 4 inches in colors of orange, apricot, yellow, peach... Read More
Pink Surprise - Calendula

Pink Surprise - Calendula FL201

A lovely calendula with apricot flowers tinged with pink, truly something... Read More
Radio - Calendula

Radio - Calendula FL206

This 1930's introduction celebrated the invention of the radio. The glowing... Read More
Resina Calendula

Resina Calendula FL210

Bright yellow medium-sized daisies, with an occasional orange bloom just... Read More
Solar Flashback Mix Calendula

Solar Flashback Mix Calendula FL198

Here’s a charming new release from renowned breeder Frank Morton. Double... Read More
Yellow Gem Calendula

Yellow Gem Calendula FL209

Annual—Dwarf Calendula reaches only about a foot in height. Perky, clear... Read More
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