Squash Winter

Winter Squash

Harvest in autumn when skins are too tough to be easily punctured with a thumbnail.

Mexican X-Top Squash

Mexican X-Top Squash SQ212

(C. mixta) 100 days. A round, bowl-shaped Cushaw type with attractive green... Read More
 Miller Family Crookneck Squash

Miller Family Crookneck Squash SQ275

(C. mixta) 100 days A pale green-striped cushaw type originating with... Read More
Mini Red Turban

Mini Red Turban Squash SQ201

(C. maxima) 95 days I just love these cute little turban squash that are... Read More
Miranda Squash

Miranda Squash SQ301

(C. pepo) 105 days—Polish hull-less seeded variety. Plants... Read More

Moranga Squash

Moranga Squash SQ505

(C. maxima) 95 days. We are so excited to at last have seeds... Read More

Mrs Aquillard's Cushaw

Mrs. Aquillard's Cushaw Squash SQ261

New! (C.mixta) 105 days Mrs. Aquillard grew and sold these squashes in... Read More
Musquee de Provence

Musquee De Provence Pumpkin SQ152

(C. moschata) 120 days These gorgeous, big flat pumpkins are shaped like... Read More
New England Sugar Pie

New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin SQ131

(C. pepo) 100 days The noted small sugar pumpkin of New England. The orange... Read More
Noob Taub

Noob Taub Squash SQ246

(C. moschata)100-110 days-- 6-8 lb spotted fruits start out grey-green,... Read More
North Faulkland Island squash

North Faulkland Island Squash SQ147

(C. moschata) 110 days Unique, pear-shaped fruit are mostly white, some... Read More
Olive Verte Squash

Olive Verte Squash SQ193

(C. maxima) 110 days. This attractive old heirloom is almost extinct; the... Read More
Omaha Pumpkin

Omaha Pumpkin SQ255

(C. pepo) 80 days. Another Oscar Will Seed Company introduction, dating... Read More
Orange Cushaw

Orange Cushaw Squash SQ124

(C. mixta) 110 days Large, beautiful fruit with crooked necks, light... Read More
Pacheco Pumpkin

Pacheco Pumpkin SQ231

(C. pepo) 110 days A pumpkin that has a beautiful yellow rind and is filled... Read More
Palav Kadu

Palav Kadu Squash SQ270

(C. moschata) 125 days. Very old central Asian variety, almost unknown... Read More
Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck

Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck Squash SQ218

(C. moschata) 105 days A popular 19th century Pennsylvania variety that... Read More
Pipian From Tuxpan

Pipian From Tuxpan Squash SQ227

(C. mixta) 110 days A lovely 6-lb round squash that has fine white and... Read More
Queensland Blue squash

Queensland Blue Squash SQ135

(C. maxima) 110 days Popular in Australia, this heirloom was introduced... Read More
Red Kuri Squash

Red Kuri Squash (Hokkaido) SQ101

(C. maxima) 92 days A red-orange Japanese winter squash; fruit are 5-10... Read More
Rouge Vif d' estampes

Rouge Vif D' Etampes Pumpkin SQ118

(C. maxima) 95 days Most beautiful flattened and ribbed large fruit are... Read More
San Jose Mountain Club Squash

San Jose Mountain Club Squash JS161

(C. moschata) 150 days Central America is the origin and... Read More

santa fe banana1

Santa Fe Banana, Cucurbita moschata JS215

(C. moschata) This huge a strange landrace was discovered in Santa Fe,... Read More
Scheherazade Squash

Scheherazade Squash SQ303

(C. pepo) 85 days. Beautiful, warted, orange and green striped... Read More

Seminole Pumpkin

Seminole Pumpkin SQ215

(C. moschata) 120 days The wild squash of the Everglades. The round, lightly... Read More
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