(Physalis ixocarpa) Also called “husk tomato,” for the paper-like calyx or husk that encloses each fruit. They are grown about like tomatoes, except that they are seldom staked; they do tend to be a bit faster from seed than most tomatoes, and a little more tolerant to cold weather. Tomatillos are used in fresh salsas, and cooked in any number of sauces, including Mexican-style chili verde.

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Amarylla Tomatillo

Amarylla Tomatillo TL109

60 days. A Polish twist on an old Mexican staple vegetable! Immature... Read More
Purple Coban Tomatillo 3

Purple Coban Tomatillo TL103

70 days. A flavorful tomatillo that is 1 inch in diameter, being green... Read More
Rio Grande Verde Tomatillo

Rio Grande Verde Tomatillo TL104

83 days. This special selection of Tomatillo yields large, apple-green... Read More
Tiny from Coban Tomatillo

Tiny from Coban Tomatillo TL108

Here’s another variety collected by Jere Gettle on his 2005 trip to Central... Read More
Tomatillo Purple

Tomatillo Purple TL101

(Physalis ixocarpa) Beautiful purple fruit, large size. Many are a bright... Read More
Tomatillo Verde

Tomatillo Verde TL102

(Physalis ixocarpa) Deep green fruit; a standard, richly flavored type.... Read More
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