Broccoli Rabe, Natalina Di Fasano Cima Grande

93% of 100

90 days. A nutritious, richly flavored and high-yielding broccoli rabe from Puglia region, Italy. This variety yielded more and larger heads than others we trialed. Plants average 2-3' tall. This gourmet brassica is a delicacy in Puglia, where it is used in a range of dishes, often sauteed with garlic, and drizzled with a bit of olive oil as a side dish or atop good quality bread. A famous Puglia dish is broccoli rabe with orecchiette pasta--simply sublime!

  • 90 Days
  • Full Sun
  • Sprouts in 7-10 Days
  • Seed Depth: 1/4" - 1/2"
  • Ideal Temperature: 60-80 F
  • Plant Spacing: 12" 
  • Frost Hardy: Yes
  • Brassica rapa

Growing Tips: Sow very early indoors, or direct seed outdoors 2-4 weeks ahead of last-frost date and again in midsummer for fall harvest. Best in cool weather.

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Minimum Seed Count: 300
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