Cotton (Gossypium species) Has been grown for hundreds if not thousands of years, and has been cultivated for a fiber crop throughout the world's warm regions. After the large, attractive flowers fade, the fibers form around the large seeds, and may be removed, spun and worked into textile products. Although white cotton is the mainstream industry standard, the crop actually produces fibers in a range of colors, which may be spun and woven with no need for dyeing. We send seeds just as they were when harvested, still enclosed in the boll. This makes it readily apparent what color may be expected. An interesting and unusual crop more gardeners should try! Cotton is a heat-loving, long season plant. Except in the South and interior of California, cotton should be started indoors and transplanted after the soil is warm. Please note: because cotton crosses freely, in some cotton-growing districts there are local regulations prohibiting the cultivation of non-white-stapled cotton varieties. Please check local regulations prior to planting! We have a limited number of packets for each variety

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Arkansas Green Lint Cotton

Arkansas Green Lint Cotton CT103

140 days--Here's a short-stapled cotton in varying shades of green. The... Read More
Florida Green Cotton

Florida Green Cotton CT101

150 days--The color of the fibers range from an attractive light green,... Read More
Nankeen Brown Cotton

Nankeen Brown Cotton CT105

(130 days) The original source for "khaki"! This short-stapled cotton of... Read More
Red Foliated Cotton

Red Foliated Cotton CT102

160 days--Gorgeous red leaves and stems are the color of Thanksgiving cranberry... Read More
Sea Island Brown Cotton

Sea Island Brown Cotton CT106

This cotton variety is native to the Americas and cultivated by the... Read More
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